e are dedicated to teaching yoga from a whole person perspective. Each individual is different, possessing unique capabilities, interests and goals, so we offer a variety of approaches to hatha yoga.

You will find classes that are gentle and relaxing, and some that are a bit more challenging, and also some powerful strength and heat-building vinyasa based yoga classes.

All of our classes are comprised of traditional hatha yoga postures, breath awareness and in depth-meditative techniques. All of which help develop present-moment mindfulness and facilitate deep relaxation. We encourage you to discover the joy in your practice and how to integrate this sense of peacefulness into your life .

Yoga is not wishful thinking or daydreaming. Yoga is a scientific, systematic and time-tested practice which will bring physical, mental and spiritual benefits to everyone who approaches it with awareness, patience, compassion and consistency. Yoga is not just for the fit or flexible- if you can breathe, you can do yoga.

Above all, we recognize that yoga is not about being perfect, but about developing awareness. Yoga is not about competition with anyone, (including ourselves), but about becoming more compassionate and open to all of our experiences. We are learning to let go of limitations, fears, expectations and judgements. We clean out the attic of the "mind junk" which covers our true inner nature; which is boundless, unconditional and at ease.

All of this takes time of course, and lots of practice. Fortunately, this practice of yoga on the mat becomes the practice of living off the mat, and that the movement inward will eventually bring us into direct, authentic contact with our world outside us.

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The first two limbs, the yamas and niyamas define an ethical foundation showing us how to live in relationship both with ourselves and with others. There are two limbs to describe the physical practice of asanas and pranayama, (breath control), and three limbs to define the mental conditioning necessary to achieve humankind’s highest potential as a state of wholeness, of liberation known as samadhi.