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On sunny, warm mornings yoga self-practice is sometimes held on the bank of the Black River just off Eastern Boulevard, at the location of "the Wave." Park your car in the lot at the end of Marble Street and walk across the baseball field. Head past third base and follow the signs and the path down to the river. Bring your own mat, maybe a towel and some water for hydration. Please call ahead.
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With Julia: We begin with Sun Salutations to warm the body and settle into the present moment before exploring dynamic standing and seated postures. We emphasize a safe and mindful practice at your level of ability.


With Barb: An active, flowing class that will develop heat, strength, flexibility and focus. A bit adventurous, the real nature of this consistent practice is a moving meditation which invites stillness and peace to arise. Some yoga experience is recommended.
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With Barb: Incorporating the latest developments in Kripalu Yoga, the science of meditation-in-motion. Helps you feel relaxed, centered and with more gratitude. All the classic elements of yoga are integrated in this class; postures, breathing techniques and meditation practices.
With Jean: A class introducing basic yoga postures, breathing techniques and mindfullness. Bring the ancient practices of yoga into your own life to help you feel better. Brand new students can sign up for six-weeks @ $30, or drop-in at the regular studio rates.
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With Jeff: A place to grow in your yoga journey of self-knowledge as we review elements found in the eight limbs of classical yoga. We encourage curiosity, safe practice, a sense of adventure and the development of deep insight. Suitable for both new and regular students of yoga.
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Free sessions, the yoga studio is open mornings for your personal yoga practice. This is not a led class, but an opportunity for community and support for your sadhana or individual practice. Begin and finish at your own pace and on your own schedule.
Private yoga sessions at our studio or in your home, these sessions provide personal yoga instruction and we can develop a practice geared to your specific health concerns. One-on-one instruction is the original method used for thousands of years in teaching yoga. The cost for a 90 minute session is $45. Additional students can attend for $10.
With Jeff: A multi-level class with equal parts of challenge and ease. A mix of different styles using modifications on postures and variations on sequences. Have fun with an energizing yet safe practice. Build strength, steady breath, focus and deep concentration.