Our studio began with the simple commitment to a daily yoga practice and the desire to share what we had discovered with others. At first, we taught yoga in church basements, fire halls, health clubs and local schools. Then, it was time to open our own studio.
In 2009 we changed our name and moved, in the process transforming a neglected spot in the Paddock Arcade into a warm and sunny studio. We have welcomed many new students, teachers, classes and workshops. And we still intend to share our commitment, our love of yoga and our practice with you.
Who can guess what might happen once you decide to step onto your mat? Our own practices have led us to some amazing places and to many wonderful yoga studios. We have met inspiring teachers and many dedicated fellow students who have helped to write and re-write our definitions of yoga. Where to next?
That first studio, Mala Yoga, opened in January 2003 with the intention of creating a space where yoga could be practiced. We hoped that students of every level and ability would feel welcomed. We wanted to develop a sangha, or community, that would support all aspects of personal growth.
hatha yoga
thai bodywork
joe gi